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Commercial Spray Painting

Commercial spray painting & On-site Spray painting services

Spray painting is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to restore tiresome and colourless commercial buildings and industrial properties. It can transform a property that offers a poor first impression to your customers into a stunning and eye-catching commercial property to be admired. 

We can colour match, where required for internal walls, doors, woodwork an UPVC. We also provide external spray painting and renders and work closely with business owners, builders and developers. 

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commercial spray painting

commercial spraying

Our spraying service is the complete answer when it comes to refreshing tired commercial properties.

Cladding, shop fronts, doors, the list is endless and we can spray all metals and plastics making us your one-stop reliable specialist spray paint service provider. Our highly cost-effective service means that large areas can be covered quickly, enabling us to refurbish your property outside core trading or office hours. With less disruption to your business meaning, you can concentrate on your business while we take care of the refurbishment, it is frequently the most suitable approach for Industrial, leisure and retail industrial commercial properties, schools and hospitals.

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Commercial On-Site Spray Painting

At Ultimate Décor we offer high-quality on-site spray-painting service, delivering the best results possible on every project no matter its size or volume. All work is always guaranteed. 

We can organise the on-site spraying of window frames and fascia on commercial premises from small shop fronts to multi-storey office blocks. Apartment blocks are a major part of our refurbishment work. 

We can also manage the equipment and services required to carry out surface repairs and re-colouring of window frames and cladding. Work can be carried out in the evening or during the night if required, as is often the case with retail premises in shopping centers or on busy high streets. 

Our highly skilled on-site spray-painting technicians are fully insured, (see the team) and briefed on relevant health & safety issues. We will utilise water-based paint coatings where required, allowing us to paint window frames internally without the emission of solvent fumes, which can cause problems in occupied buildings. It can also be used when refurbishing retail premises where solvent fumes are not acceptable due to customer disruption and the danger of tainting foods and fabrics.

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Why Choose Ultimate Décor?

We have been providing the service of applying paint via spray application for many years with proven success backed up by the product’s coating adhesion and colour stability guarantees.

Meet the Team

All our staff have a clear and in-depth understanding of the industry and are trained to City & Guilds standards. In-house and ongoing market-leading development training is regularly undertaken to keep us at the forefront of our ever-changing industry.

We do not compromise on anything we do and strive for a quality finish every single time. We have a strong, organised, professional approach to every task and our attention to detail is second to none.

Our paints, products and systems have all been tested to the max giving us the confidence to provide an excellent guarantee.

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