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Why our fixed furniture painting service could be the answer

We are professional furniture painters specialising in MDF  and fixed furniture.  Call us if you have a tired-looking cabinet, table, fitted furniture or wooden furniture that was in your home when you purchased the property. Our bespoke furniture painting service is the cost effective way to breathe into your home and delivers a far better finish than hand painting. So, if you are contemplating throwing it away, save money, choose the paint colour you like (including Farrow & Ball matches) and don’t go to the pain of removing and throwing it away.

Furniture spraying is the answer. We undertake many bespoke projects around the home to transform your home for a fraction of the replacement cost. So, if you’re looking to update a tired table, or discoloured radiators and wish to get the perfect finish to that new cabinet your carpenter has just built for you or you simply want to breathe new life into those old favourites with a new paint job, we can help!

We work with various homeowners, trade and commercial clients across various projects, from the undertaking; to ornate panelling, tables, wardrobes, shelving, bookcases, staircases, new MDF constructed furniture and much more. There is nothing we cannot spray.

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Don’t Throw It Away. 

We firmly believe any furniture can be given a new lease of life with a full respray. So please don’t throw it away, consider the benefits of a respray.

Get That New Fresh Look Today

Our furniture spray services will breathe new life into your décor.

Spraying furniture can be an excellent way to give it a fresh and flawless finish. The spray can evenly apply the paint without leaving brush marks, which can be especially beneficial for large or intricate pieces of furniture.

Spraying furniture can provide a flawless finish, low-VOC paints are a good choice as they emit fewer harmful chemicals into the air and are also hardwearing and durable, making them a good choice for furniture. However, it is important to use the right type of spray paint and to use it in a well-ventilated area. We have the ideal area, a state-of-the-art spray unit with a fully ventilated booth.

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The benefits of fixed furniture spray-painting

Our friendly team will undertake the whole project from removal to refit so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our respraying services ensure your radiator, chair, bookshelf, cabinet, side unit or coffee table is completed to the highest standard with a finish to match. Our techniques and materials allow us to lightly sand the surface before applying the first coat of paint. This allows us to build up the layers to give a durable finish. We use water based paints for a gloss finish or satin finish when fully dry, with a shorter dry time.

Our MDF Spraying Services

How we get the perfect paint finishes when spray painting mdf…

Achieving the best results when spraying MDF can be difficult for the untrained. We’ve seen on many occasions, an expensive constructed installation being poorly finished by a handyman, homeowner or DIYer. 

This is often down to poor application and using incorrect products. These mistakes lead to many issues; warping, misaligned doors and drawers, over paint and poor durability to name but a few. Preparing, shaping, sanding, routing and cutting can leave surfaces porous and flawed regardless of the application method. 

Our team of professional spray painters have extensive experience with MDF. This means you can have confidence in our ability to deliver phenomenal results that are cleaner and more even than hand painted furniture, across a wide range MDF products.

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We also spray paint MDF units and fitted furniture

Fill in the contact or quote form to get a quote for any of our spraying services, including furniture and MDF spraying services. We can spray paint your fitted furniture, MDF units, and kitchen cabinets.

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How we paint your furniture

When choosing the paint required for your furniture, it is important to consider the type of paint you are using. Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints are a great option as they emit fewer harmful chemicals into the air than oil based paints. This also makes them more environmentally friendly. These types of paints are also hardwearing and durable, which is essential for furniture that will be used frequently. They can also be used to protect the furniture from wear and tear, making it last longer.

It is also important to note that when commissioning our MDF spraying service, we use the right type of spray paint in a well-ventilated area. This will help to ensure that the paint dries evenly and quickly and will also help to reduce any fumes or odours.

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What is MDF?

If you have heard the word MDF mentioned by your carpenter or on one of the many home makeover programs, you might be wondering what it is. MDF, or medium-density fibreboard, is a type of engineered wood that is made from wood fibres, or from wood-mill by-products, primarily sawdust and wood shavings.  


Furniture respraying is the best way of reviving old faves, like the chest of drawers you’ve fallen out-of-love with. But it’s probably best not bother trying to do it on your own, just gambling on the results. Don’t bother with shabby chic, chalk paint, furniture wax or other alternatives. The current trend is matt finish and can easily be changed at a later date. Picking the best paint and applying the most effective methods is our speciality. Water-based is better, maybe including latex paint. Preparation is vital; we guarantee surfaces are tidy, sanded and primed to boost the paint’s sturdiness and coating. With standard strategies, cleanup needed white spirit to eliminate excess paint or clean brushes. With our strategies and items, furniture painting becomes a trustworthy procedure, creating personal pieces that enhance any space.

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