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Kitchen Cabinet Painters

We specialise in painting kitchen Cabinets and doors. We work throughout surrey and south London.

As specialist kitchen cabinet painters, our services include much more than applying a fresh coat of paint. Our expertise is in respraying kitchen units, kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen cupboard draw fronts. This is often done as part of FULL kitchen refurbishments. Our aim is to provide a flawless spray painted finish each time we spray your kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painter Surrey

Why would I paint my kitchen?

Transforming your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Everyone uses it, whether to eat, entertain or some quiet time with your favourite cuppa. Treat it with love and it will repay you dearly.

Most kitchens units are still in good working order after years of use. They may look tired and dated, but with the correct processes and materials, they will look brand new again. 

Respraying will save you thousands of pounds in replacing cabinets. Even when you factor in replacing worktops, flooring, tiles, handles, it will still be a fraction of the price of a brand new kitchen. Furthermore you don’t have to suffer the disruption caused by the build process or a traditional paint job.

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How much does it cost to paint a kitchen?

Kitchen cabinet painters costs are set depending on the size and number of doors, drawer fronts, end panels and kick-boards in your kitchen. We would be happy to send you a full price list on request. In the meantime, give us a call to get a quote for transforming your kitchen. it 

Is it a long process?

We are kitchen cabinet painting specialist. We can complete most professional kitchen resprays within 5 days, depending on how many doors and the overall size of your kitchen.

Disruption is kept to the absolute minimum. You will even be able to access your cupboards throughout, as we will be removing the cabinet doors.  We do not require them to be emptied. That’s one less thing to worry about. 

We have a  tried-and-tested step-by-step process. We will repaint your kitchen cabinets where they are. We will remove the doors to be sprayed in our state-of-the-art spray booth. 

Rest assured we only use water-based paints on our projects. No nasty smells or chemicals. A quicker drying time than painting. Our professional technicians are trained to City & Guilds standards. We guarantee that your project will be carried out safely and systematically, ensuring the highest finish possible. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Can I change the door handles?

Absolutely. Door handles or knobs can all be changed prior to painting kitchen cabinets. This really gives you that new kitchen look. Think about it… only two things make up the kitchen door; the colour and the opener. Change those and the kitchen is brand new. If the door hinge has dropped or is broken, we’ll take care of it.


Before After
Family Home

This is a recent kitchen cabinet painting project completed in just  5 days in Wimbledon. 

Full preparation of a wooden kitchen. Dustless sanding and MaxVac dust arrest, assuring a very clean environment. A full degrease. application of a tinted adhesion primer, then specialist low VOC topcoats for painting cabinets and doors. All matched to Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray #88.

The total time taken for the job was 5 days, with 2 days on-site, 2 days at the unit, and a day for  fitting.

This is a fairly typical kitchen respray for Ultimate Décor, with work split between on-site work and spraying of the doors and removable items in our unit. This method means we can get that perfect finish with a minimum of disruption for the client. 

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What will my kitchen look like?

It is all about the finish. Whether it be an eggshell sheen or a satin sheen, the finished result will have the wow factor.

We can provide sample boards to help you decide on a sheen level and colour. Some clients like one colour throughout while some like a different colour, for example, on an island. If you are looking for colour inspiration, have a look at Farrow & Ball. Like us, they stay up to date with all things colour.

We are here to assist every bit of the way, from start to finish. So, if you are stuck, let us guide you to your perfect colour. We can scan any colour you wish for that perfect match. It is then mixed in our specialist paint and we’re ready to go. One thing is for sure, anyone who steps inside your newly spray-painted kitchen will believe you have had a whole new one installed.

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How long will it take?

Kitchen resprays take an average of 5 days. The exact timescale is dependent on a number of factors, such as the size of the existing kitchen. However, disruption is minimal compared to a kitchen refit and may be achieved at a fraction of the cost. You don’t even have to empty your cupboards! Call today for a kitchen cabinet painting quote.

Kitchen Projects before & afters

Contact the professional kitchen painters and get the benefit of our spraying services to update your kitchen to a high standard… more coming soon as we complete ongoing kitchen projects.
Before After
Before After

Getting the best results

For the highest quality kitchen cabinet and kitchen spray painting, we follow our tried and tested processes from beginning to end.


The better the preparation, the better the result and efficiency of the project.


No drips, no streaks. Just an even and durable finish to your kitchen.


Attention to detail, through to the finishing touches for an ‘as new’ kitchen.