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Spray Painting MDF Service

When It Comes To Spray Painting MDF, Ulitimate Décor are the professionals

How we get the perfect paint finishes when mdf painting service…

Achieving the best results when spray painting MDF can be difficult for the untrained. We’ve seen on many occasions, an expensive constructed installation being poorly finished by a handyman, homeowner or DIYer. 

This is often down to poor application and using incorrect products. These mistakes lead to many issues; warping, misaligned doors and drawers, over paint and poor durability to name but a few. Preparing, shaping, sanding, routing and cutting can leave surfaces porous and flawed regardless of the application method. 

Our team of professional spray painters have extensive experience with MDF. This means you can have confidence in our ability to deliver phenomenal results across a wide range MDF products.

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What is MDF?

If you have heard the word MDF mentioned by your carpenter or on one of the many home makeover programs, you might be wondering what it is. MDF, or medium-density fibreboard, is a type of engineered wood that is made from wood fibres, or from wood-mill by-products, primarily sawdust and wood shavings.  

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The Benefits of MDF

MDF is much harder, smoother and denser than plywood, and it doesn’t have any voids, knots, or splinters meaning it is ideal for the construction of newly fitted furniture.

The dense, smooth finish means that spray painting MDF can result in a beautiful finish with numerous sheen levels. Additionally, it dries quickly, making it a convenient choice for furniture building. Read more on our furniture spraying service.

MDF is also a cost-effective material, as it generally has lower installation costs compared to other types of wood. In order to prepare MDF for painting, it’s recommended to use dustless sanding and then fill any imperfections before applying the paint. Water-based paint is also commonly used on MDF, due to its low VOC emissions.

How we Prepare the MDF

We carry out an extensive preparation process with every project. How and why we prime MDF. We apply multiple coats of high-quality primers from micro-porous to adhesion, pin head filling, and caulking. All coats are meticulously sanded back to remove the smallest defects or deficiencies, before applying the finish of your choice. You can choose between matt, satin or gloss in industry-leading water-based, high quality paints that are durable, environmentally friendly, tactile and will be admired for many, many years. 

We have a spray booth at our fully equipped workshop for smaller items and those that can’t be sprayed on the job. Read more on our Spray Booth. Call us today to get an mdf spray painting quote for our professional spray painting service. Read more on our Furniture Spray Painting Service.

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Below are a few videos showing our processes. As you’ll see, we take a great deal of effort and pride in our processes. The steps that we take to complete each job ensure the best results and ultimately, happy customers. We take time with our preparation so that the execution is clean and problem free. We also make sure we keep mess and disruption to a minimum… and clean up after ourselves. 

And don’t forget the cost implications either. When it comes to planning your next home improvement project, consider your options. Respraying your windows, doors, cabinets or garage door is more cost-effective, less disruptive and better for the environment than starting again with a new installation. So, if any part of your home needs a face-lift… before you consider throwing it away, or going through the pain and cost of replacing it, get a quote for a respray from Ultimate Décor and save £1,000s in the process. . 

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To achieve a polished finish on your MDF painting project, it’s essential to lay the groundwork carefully. Start by sanding the face and edge of MDF boards until they’re smooth, use wood filler for any other imperfections, then apply a coat of specific MDF primer. Allow the coat of primer to dry completely before giving the surface a light once-over with sandpaper. Next, select either an oil-based or water-based paint for the top coat, and rather than use a paint roller to apply, we use our spray guns to apply it evenly. Allow adequate drying time between coats of paint, and opt for multiple thin coats over a single thick one.

Before the final coat of paint, fill any wood imperfections with putty and a light sand for a smooth surface and a spotless finish. We do not use oil based paint where possible due to the nasty chemicals and smells. Water based primer and paint give just as good, if not better finish. Also, after properly sanding the edges, we seal the edges and prime the edges to prevent moisture absorption.

When we’ve sealed the MDF, prepared properly and sprayed, you’ll be left with a professional-looking result. Read our step-by-step guide in our blog section for more information on how we do what we do.