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Specialist UPVC spray Painters

Ultimate Décor are professional UPVC painters covering Surrey and the South west of london. We also paint external UPVC windows & doors as well as garage doors and Kitchen units and doors. Call today for a free quote.

Save money and be kind to the environment by spray painting your existing UPVC doors & windows. Add ‘curb appeal’ at the same time. Our UPVC spray painting method іѕ the best way to change the lооk of your property.

Refresh your paintwork at a fraction of the cost without replacing your windows and doors. Respraying is more cost-effective and saves the time, effort and disruption of removing your existing windows and doors. Read about the benefits of spraying and learn how we do it. 


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the benefits of spray Painting UPVC

Save money and help the environment with UPVC painters for your windows and doors instead of replacing them. We do not compromise quality and durability. 

You can completely transform your old UPVC by spraying your windows and doors rather than throwing away your old UPVC. You are also saving time and disruption to your home by opting for our spray painting service.

We are South West London and Surrey’s Premium UPVC painting service. We’ll improve your home’s look by making your windows, doors, garage doors, cladding, guttering, patio doors, and kitchen new. Improve your property’s appearance and value with a new perfect finish and trendy colors, which can add thousands of pounds.

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What else can you paint?

We can use paint spraying techniques to change the appearance of different materials. These materials include UPVC, GRP, steel, aluminum, glass, wood, MDF, melamine, and acrylic. We can apply this technique to doors, conservatories, and windows.

Let us know what spraying work you require and we will take care of the rest with our professional service. Remember all sheen levels and popular colours and available. So contact us today for a free quote on any of our spraying services.

How We Paint UPVC

Ultimate Décor are specialist UPVC painters. We only use the best equipment and paints for our UPVC painting services.

Also, we need to consider the composition of the surface we’re spray painting. Different materials like UPVC, composite, aluminium, or timber can make windows and doors. After researching, testing, and training with suppliers, we found the right paints for each project. You can use our coatings on PVCU, PVC, plastics, metal, ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, and polyester powder coatings.

Unlike most paints for plastics, which try to stick to the substrate, our chosen products form a molecular cross-bond with the plastic surface. We can give you a matt, satin or gloss finish. Metallic and pearlescent finishes are also available. Our paints are UV resistant, resistant to abrasions and scratching ensuring longevity to your newly painted project.

10 Year Guarantee

Our products will adhere to plastic for a minimum of 10 years. Our trained and insured technicians guarantee this when they apply it correctly. Please note that terms and conditions apply. Call us today for spray painting UPVC and window costs.

UPVC painters in Surrey

choose from a wide range of colours

When painting UPVC units you can have them colour matched. Many colour options exist, such as Farrow & Ball, Ral Colour K5, and standard colors like anthracite grey. We can even scan your favourite colour from a sample.

No need to change your window frames, doors, cladding, guttering, or patio doors. Just add high-quality color to the UPVC surface.

can you paint upvc windows

Can you paint UPVC windows & doors?

Absolutely. Spray your UPVC windows & doors to save money and the environment without compromising quality or durability. We also spray UPVC conservatories & garage doors

UPVC Spraying and the environment

Choosing UPVC spray painting for your home or business is not just about style, but also about being eco-friendly. 

Traditional methods of dealing with ageing or discoloured UPVC often involve replacement, leading to increased waste and resource consumption. Spray painting UPVC extends its lifespan, reducing the need for new materials and lowering manufacturers carbon footprint.

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The application of eco-friendly, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint further emphasises the commitment to sustainability. These paints emit less harmful chemicals, improving indoor air quality and helping the environment stay healthy.

By choosing UPVC spray painting, you help the environment by reusing materials and reducing waste in landfills. Additionally, the energy required for manufacturing new UPVC materials is significantly higher than the energy needed for the application of spray paint.

UPVC spray painting is an environmentally friendly option. It helps you achieve your renovation goals. It also supports the environment and a sustainable future.